Jezreel Valley Regional Project Archaeology and History of a Regional Landscape

The Situation of Tel Megiddo

Tel Megiddo is strategically situated along the edge of the Carmel and Menashe at the mouth of Wadi Arah, which served as a pass through the mountains, connecting the Central Coastal Plain (Sharon) to the inland Jezreel Valley. The site is surrounded by small perennial springs, the nearest (and strongest) of which, Ain el-Qubbi, sits adjacent to the lower tell. The geological base of the area in which the site is situated is Eocene sedimentary deposits (i.e. limestones, sandy marls, some chalks), with many surrounding alluvial grumsols deriving from the Carmel and the majority of soils in the surrounding plain being brown and pale rendzinas (Kotter 1986, 124-5).

Tel Megiddo, from the northwest, during the excavations by the University of Chicago (after Guy 1931).


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