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The JVRP Student Research Program is a research mentoring program for both undergraduate and graduate students. Student's propose their own research projects and are given access to the JVRP resources and data. The projects are guided by members of the JVRP Research Team, often in collaboration with an adviser from their home institution. Completed projects are reviewed by committee and, if accepted, published here on the website or in a print venue, including the JVRP's monograph series if appropriate. For a list of current research projects and information for submitting proposals, see our Student Research Program page.

Metrology of an Early Bronze Age Settlement in the Jezreel Valley

Principle Investigator: Andrew W. Monthey, Gettysburg College

Andy’s project focuses on the role and evolution of architectural specialization in the development of complex society in the Early Bronze Age Southern Levant (modern Israel). He will be studying and cataloguing architectural data concerning standards of measurement and changes over time in private and public structures at the site of Tel Megiddo East in the Jezreel Valley. The purpose of this student research project is to examine standards of architectural design (metrology) in order to understand better the social and political organization of the settlement and to draw conclusions regarding the social, political, and religious influences of Megiddo at sites throughout the Jezreel Valley and adjacent regions.


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